Partnership with the Ministry of Education

In late January, Society chairman Ms. Boitumelo Sekhute-Batungamile and others met with deputy permanent secretary Mr. Simon Coles at his office at the Ministry of Basic Education to discuss a possible partnership between the two organizations. This partnership would include event hosting by the society for secondary level school children, at dark locations with telescopes, giving the children the chance to experience practical astronomical observation first-hand.

It is a stated goal of the ASB to help promote the study of STEM subjects at secondary schools in Botswana. Both the Society and the Ministry felt that astronomy could play a role in helping to stimulate the youth to become more interested in science related subjects at school, paving the way for greater employment of Batswana in STEM related careers.

In early March the Society submitted a proposal to the Ministry outlining how such a partnership might work. Unfortunately, before a meeting could be organized, the COVID-19 pandemic overtook the possibility of anything happening too soon. As schools are still trying to overcome the setback caused by the resulting lock-down, further discussions have been postponed until such time as the Ministry deems fit.

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