The society seeks to disseminate and share knowledge in the Astronomy domain in an effort to excite youngsters and interest all into learning about and participating in astronomy in Botswana.  The Society is led by our Chairman, Prof. Motsoptse Modisi , our Vice Chairman and our only professional Astronomer, Prof. Michael Bode, our Secretary, Mr. Gihan Ilangakoon and our Treasurer, Mr. David Slater. There are five other committee members including Dr. Moletlanyi Tshipa, Ms. Molly Kgobathe, Mr. Harold Hester, Dr. Fulvio Franchi and Mr. Kgomotso Thelo. The ASB  numbers continue to grow as we do our best to attract more memberssee our Membership Page and you are welcome to download  the ASB Brochure.

A Membership Application Form can also be downloaded from our Membership page.

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Tel: +267 72402668

Postal Address: P O Box 2331 AAD, Poso House, Gaborone, Botswana

Society Main Members
Prof.Mike Bode
Prof.Thebe Medupe
Explaining Maksutov Design
ASB Inauguration
Dr Ceren Ulusoy presentation (February 2020)
Mokolodi Astronomy Event 2019
Lunar Gazing (University of Botswana, 2019)
Basuti Presentation


FOR THE PERIOD  2022-2023

CHAIRPERSON – Prof. Motsoptse Modisi
VICE CHAIRPERSON – Prof. Michael Bode
SECRETARY – Gihan Ilangakoon
VICE SECRETARY – Molly Kgobathe
TREASURER – David Slater

COMMITTEE MEMBER 2 – Dr. Moletlanyi Tshipa

COMMITTEE MEMBER 3 – Dr. Fulvio Franchi

COMMITTEE MEMBER 4 – Kgomotso Thelo



Objectives of the Society

Astronomical Society of Botswana exists to:

Associations & Affiliated Organisations

We are seeking active partners to affiliate with in the region and Internationally. Our strategy is to affiliate, associate, collaborate and cooperate with any astronomical Society, educational institution or scientific organization involved with astronomy and the promotion of STEM at large. We hope to forge long lasting relationships with our affiliates that will bear fruit in the not so distant future.

Links to some of these Institutions, Associations, Government Ministries and Parastatals, and NGO’s are provided below: